Each time(50minutes) : Price depends on the number of people

Make Your Own Group Lesson

Collect your friends who like to learn how to dance(minimum 3 person). We offer group lessons as an affordable alternative to private lessons.

You can choose any dance you like to learn .

Group lesson can be taught by instructor in English and Japanese.

Besides learning to dance, you will meet other people interested in dancing in the studio.

Singles are welcome. No partner required for class as we rotate partners or you will dance with the intructors.

Your group class instructor has prepared a few step patterns in the dance of the day. Taught at the average learning rate of the students present, group class is a time of repetition that solidifies step patterns and practise what you have learnt in your private lessons.

Full payment need to be made when appointment of lessons are made. Payment in a monthly basis(per 4 times)

We also can come to your place to teach for special occasion or on a permanent basis. Eg Christmas party, wedding, children birthday party, annual officers' ball.

Take the first step and learn to dance

@We also accept US Dollars in cash. We do not accept Credit Card / Cheque
Date & Time: According to your schedule